We did some updates which we believe have a major impact on swapping even more safely from now on with swap.kiwi.

We want to make sure that people won’t lose their precious assets to scammers. This is why we are utilising opensea’s api from now on. Starting today, the platform will show a verification badge on every asset that has been verified by opensea. There is no need to verify assets by ourselves, if opensea is already doing such a good job with it.

From now on, when using swap.kiwi, you will see a green badge ✅ on every project which has been verified by opensea. 👇👇👇

But what if someone photoshops the green badge in a right-click save copy? Do not fret, we got you covered. The badge is interactive. You can mouse-over and it will display the message Verified NFT.

We are happy to share with you our lates addition to the kiwi orchard. Say hello to our new discord swap.bot.

Photo by Phillip Glickman on Unsplash

We will help our bot grow and mature over time, by feeding him the right data. For now you’ll get the following displayed:

  • swapping parties
  • items swapped
  • transaction hash

Feel free to join us on discord and take a walk at the orchard. Enjoy the beauties being swapped and find counterparts to swap your own NFTs.

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